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 Corporate Catering Menu:

Min. 10 People

AM Meeting - Hot Out of Oven

Homemade scones, loaves, muffins and cinnamon buns served with fresh fruit. (Add Juice - $1.00)


$6.50 p.p.
AM Meeting - “Contiental” Homemade scones, loaves, muffins and cinnamon buns

served with fresh fruit. Sausage Phyllo - chicken rolls

and mini quiche. (Add Juice - $1.00)


$10.00 p.p.
The Greek Lunch Spinach Pies served with tzatziki dip, Greek orzo salad

and zesty lemon tarts.


$11.95 p.p.
The Wrap Zone Assorted wraps - mediterranean chicken, butter

chicken and vegetarian. Fresh veggie & dip platter.

Assorted squares & tarts with fresh fruit.


$11.95 p.p
The Ultimate Deli Lunch

Hearty stacked sandwiches served with fresh veggies

and choice of salad. Gourmet cookies & fruit.


$12.95 p.p.
Ladies Lunch

Individual 5 quiche (Seafood, ham & mushroom,

greek). Spinach salad with raspberry poppyseed

dressing. Mini cookies and chocolate dipped strawberries.


$12.95 p.p.
Seminar Lunch Our famous crustless sandwiches egg - ham - turkey -

asparagus Assorted wrap platter with veggies & dip.

Choice of salad. Homemade dessert platter.


$12.95 p.p.
Hungry Man’s Lunch Stuffed baguettes and/or foccacia filled with grilled

veggies, assorted meats, cheese and seafood. Classic

caesar salad. Gourmet cookies & fruit.


$12.95 p.p.
The Executive Lunch

Chicken dijon wrapped in phyllo served with fresh fruit.

Spinach salad with raspberry dressing. Cheesecake with

fruit puree.


$14.95 p.p.



Drinks - $1.00

Coffee & Tea - $2.00

Salad Choices - Caesar, Organic Greens,

Greek Orzo, Pesto Penne, Potato & Spinach Salad with Fresh Fruits


Please place your order 72 Hours in advance & for order CANCELLATIONS 72 Hours also

Thank you