What to Expect….

First meeting >

  ● Establish client’s needs regarding: Day Of and Coordination / Planning Needs…..

  ● Establish: Theme, Colors and Vision (start a Pinterest board)

  ● DISCUSS – What are the clients Expectations, wants and needs…. “OR” what they DO NOT want to do!

  ● Discuss Reasonable Budget – ALL areas (Event / Rental Coordination, Food, Décor, Flowers, Alcohol, Attire, Venue etc.)

  ● Discuss  personal items that the client  will be supplying – rough draft

  ● Discuss package options and rough estimate

Via Email - Present personalized packages, estimates and quotations

Confirm details needed:

      ● What is being served (Food & BAR?) Beverages, other: Cultural items...

      ● Will the client provide alcohol to the guest tables or water during dinner service  - EX: Bottles of Wine for dinner & Water jugs offered at each guest table

    Will the bar stay open during dinner service, bartender can assist on the floor?

        ● Before second meeting ~ Book the catered and finalize menu. (The chosen Caterer should have provided a food  tasting at this point)

        ● Deposit is provided to reserve date and services

      Second Meeting > 1-3 months after fist initial meeting “or” before if needed

      Meet at the venue 

        ● floor plan options (Head table 2-14)

        ● Dream ~ Create & visualize ….. Anything is possible!

        ● Decorations desired – A budget should be established in this area – Please provide – TBC

        ● Client will provide an itemized list of personal items that they will be supplying

        ● Discuss other VENDORS & establish meetings with them – extra charge for coordinator to attend vendor meetings

        ● Discuss  rough draft of event day schedule

      Third Meeting > 4-5 months after fist initial meeting “or” before if needed

      At the venue or where it is convenient.

        ● Client will provide ALL contracts - from other Hired Vendors

        ● All must be included in contracts:

      Times of delivery’s / pick-ups

      Time Personal items will be delivered & person(s)

      responsible for end of the night take-home 

      Contact numbers for event day emergencies

        ● Finalize event day schedule revised with any changes –

        ● copy provided to Coordinator

        ● Additional Deposits are provided

      Final Meeting > 2 – 3 Weeks prior the event date

        ● All Packages and adjustments should be finalized at this point.

        ● Final payments are required

        ● Let’s celebrate!