Hire a Day of Coordinator

An EXAMPLE of  a shedule for ~ Day of Coordinator Responsibilities

 A – marked for coordinator responsibilities ~ $35.00 an hour min. 4 hours required

6 Hours of service requested $210.00 + Tax

Prior to Reception

  ● A - Greet vendors and instruct them where to set up i.e. wedding band, florist, etc.…

  ● A - Make sure reception flowers/décor is set up according to flower order

  ● A - Meet with catering staff to confirm food timeline

  ● A - Set up guest book and pen, champagne flutes, cake cutting utensils

  ● A - Set up table numbers/names and menu cards (Client must- mark and have separate each table by appropriate number)

  ● A - Set up amenities baskets, hand towels, candles etc. in bathrooms

  ● A - Look over dining tables and make sure they are set up properly


  ● A - Set up programs and other ceremony items i.e. guest book, unity candles, Sand Ceremony

  ● A - Ensure that ushers/groomsmen arrive on time and are ready

  ● A - Ensure that personal flowers i.e. flower girl bouquet and groomsmen boutonnières have arrived at ceremony location

  ● A - Ensure that ceremony musicians have arrived and direct them where to set up (Or be the one to press the play button of a music box speaker)

  ● A - Alert ushers/groomsmen when to begin escorting guests to their seats

  ● A - Act as a liaison with the ceremony officiator and decide what cue will be used to signal the start of the ceremony

  ● A - Communicate with bride and groom so that they know how much time remains before the start of the ceremony

  ● A - Handle any emergencies that may arise

  ● A - Line up the bridal party for their entrances down the aisle

  ● A - Cue ceremony musicians when bridal party is ready to begin processional

  ● A - Gather family and friends for after ceremony photos

  ● Pictures

Reception ~ Cocktail Hour

  ● A - Cue band/ MC when the majority of guests have found their tables and bride and groom are ready to be introduced

  ● A - Alert catering staff to pour champagne just before the toasts

  ● Ensure proper flow of cocktail hour along with catering staff

  ● Encourage guests to join bride and groom for dinner at the end of cocktail hour

  ● Help guests locate their dining tables


  ● A - Be aware of timing of catering service and make sure people are served promptly

  ● Speeches and Toasts ~ While dinner is being served

  ● A – Make sure Wedding cake is set-up for cake cutting

  ● A - Prevent & fix any problems that may arise during the event

  ● A - Remain easily accessible through the entire event in case there are any details you would like attended to

  ● A - Set up favor table before reception or towards the end of shift

  ● A - Pack up gifts/cards, miscellaneous ceremony and reception items and have them ready to be taken to a family members

  ● 8:00PM ~ Dessert served / cake cutting **Pictures**

Coordinator END time: 8:00PM Approximate time all packages are personalized

  ● 8:30PM – 9:00PM ~ First dance **Pictures**

  ● 9:30PM ~ Garter toss & Bouquet Toss  *Cue Music*  **Pictures**

  ● 9:45PM ~ Dancing

  ● 10:30PM – 11:445PM - Take-down begins

  ● 12:00AM ~ Last Call 

Additional Notes:

NOT include in this package -take-down services listed below,

FULL responsibility is of the hired staff or Caterer booked on that event date.

Items NOT included: CLEARING off of tables "or" CLEAN -UP OF: Dirty dishes,

glassware, cutlery, cloth napkins, collapsing of tables, gathering table linens,

Clean up of empty bottles, catering items, taking out garbage and recyclables,

Sweeping "or" Janitorial Services

All event schedules will be personalized to fit clients overall needs regarding clients event.

 Event details must be provided NO later than 1 month the event date to provide accurate responsibilities included in their personalized package.