Come visit the shop and try our fresh  "Soup of the Day"

$5.00 for a bowl +GST

$4.00  for a cup +GST

Here's a small sample list of our soups!

Always Fresh and Homemade!

Stews: Chicken, Beef and Ham

Chowders: Clam, Salmon, Corn, Seafood......

Cream Soups: Tomato Basil and Rice, Carrot and Dill, Reuben, Celery, Mushroom, Broccoli and Cheddar, Beef Stoganoff, Mulligatawny, Cheeseburger.....

Broth Soups: Bean and Bacon, Ham and Pea, Veggie Lentil, Beef Barley,Minestone, Tex-Mex, Goulash, Cabbage Roll, French Onion, Potato Leek, Cabbage or Beet - Borsht, Chicken Fiesta, Oriental Chicken, Greek Lemon Chicken, Turkey Bean.......